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     (Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Thursday, September 21, 2017)

Tattoo Removal After Care  


How to Recover from Laser Tattoo Removal

     (Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Tuesday, June 06, 2017)

Person receiving laser tattoo removal.

Making the decision to get your tattoo removed is no easy undertaking. Your ink may have at one point meant a great deal to you, but now your feelings toward it have changed. When you first got your tattoo, you probably took the time to research the artist, and took care of your body art to make sure it healed properly. Now, that you’ve decided to get it removed, why not take the same precautions and steps to make sure your body heals properly?


8 Factors of Tattoo Removal

     (Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Thursday, May 25, 2017)

8 factors of tattoo removal

When someone considers getting their tattoo removed, the most common question they ask themselves is “how many sessions will this take?” In truth, the answer can vary depending a number of factors. While it is difficult to foresee the exact number of treatments it will take to completely remove your tattoo, success can be determined by the following conditions:



10 Reasons People Remove Tattoos

     (Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Wednesday, April 26, 2017)

There are lots of reasons people consider getting their tattoos removed. Initially getting ink can seem like a great idea, and you'll always love that barbed wire on your bicep right? Unfortunately times change, and so do peoples attitudes toward the permanent artwork on their bodies. If you fall into one of the following 12 categories of tattoo regret, it may be time to consider getting that ink removed for good especially if it is affecting your employment


How Laser Tattoo Removal Works and Common Techniques

     (Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Friday, March 24, 2017)

About 45 million people in America share body art in the form of tattoos. And about half of those people seek to have their tattoos removed at some later point. Often folks are a little regretful of having placed a tattoo in a highly visible location. Regardless of the reason, you need to know your options for laser tattoo removal to choose the best route for you and when it is best for your body.

Few risks are incurred when employing the right type of lasers. The most important factor is the professional performing the procedure. You want to check the background of your choice.


Ink in the Workplace: Tackling the Tattoo Taboo

     (Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Thursday, March 02, 2017)

tattoos in the workplaceInk was once a mark of rebellion. If you spotted someone with permanent patterns scrawled on the surface of their skin, it was likely this person stood for something outside the realms of social normality.

Gangs could be identified by their markings. Hysterical protestors wore ink to show commitment to a cause. Long-serving felons were distinguishable for the designs they acquired in prison.

Tattoos can still represent revolt and resistance to this day, but they have also begun to move inside the circle of modern social acceptance.


What Are Radiation Therapy Tattoos & How to Remove Them

     (Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Tuesday, January 10, 2017)

radiation therapy tattooAccording to the National Cancer Institute about half of all cancer patients receive radiation therapy. Radiation is one of the most common treatments for breast cancer as it uses high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. If you choose to get radiation therapy to treat breast cancer you will be given radiation therapy tattoos.

Radiation Therapy Tattoos

Before you start radiation, you’ll probably get four small tattoos on your breast. They will help the radiation therapist easily find the spot you need treatment. This will spare healthy tissue and prevent recurrence. Think of it as placing a bulls-eye target on your body so the technician can work on the right spot.


There's Only 1 Laser You Should Use For Tattoo Removal

     (Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Friday, December 16, 2016)

tattoo removal technologyThe nature of the technology culture is to be continually innovating products. If you were looking to buy a new iPhone you probably wouldn’t dream of buying the original iPhone 1st generation. It’s not compatible with the new operating system so new apps won’t work, not to mention it would run at a prehistoric pace. No, you’d probably opt for the newest phone. Just like choosing a phone, you should choose the most innovative technology for laser tattoo removal. There are 2 benefits of Picosure lasers that make it the best laser on the market.

Fewer Treatments

Picosure technology breaks up tattoo particles in smaller particles by applying short impulses of lasers in trillionths of a second. This allows for fewer treatments because your bodies immune system is able to remove the particles faster. Dr. Gary Lask, director of dermatologic surgery at UCLA, comments, “By doing that you’re getting a more intense reaction. That destroys the tattoo particles.” This treatment will remove a black tattoo in about 5 sessions.


New Temporary Tattoo Ink Can Be Removed At Anytime

     (Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Tuesday, November 29, 2016)

temporary tattoo inkSporting the latest tattoo trend is quite a permanent commitment. While, they may be popular for a time, they are almost too often short lived. However, NYU students have introduced a new ink call Ephemeral that allows its recipients to remove their tattoo within a year or sooner. Maybe you and your partner want to get a couple’s tattoo or there’s a cool tattoo idea you want for short term, then this may be the solution for you.

Non-Permanent Tattoo Ink

There are paper tattoos that last a day or so and henna wears off in a couple weeks, but ephemeral ink is the first semi permanent ink introduced to consumers. It is applied that same way a normal tattoo is with a tattoo machine and tattoo artist.

How Ephemeral Tattoos Disappear

The first way for this ink to disappear is by letting the ink molecules naturally break down, which will take a year. If you want it removed sooner a tattoo artist will give you a solution that will flush out the molecules. This also allows you to erase specific portions of the tattoo if you decide you don’t like it or want to fix mistakes.


Best Tattoo Removal Methods

     (Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Thursday, November 17, 2016)

tattoo removal methodsOver time, tattoo removal has been performed using various techniques. Tattoos that were once considered permanent can now be removed or covered.

History of Tattoo Removal

Prior to the use of laser techniques, common treatments were dermabrasion, trichloroacetic acid, and scrubbing the skin with salt, as well cryosurgery and skin grafts. Earlier treatments also included the injection of lime, garlic, or wine. All difficult and painful procedures. Laser treatment became available during the 1990’s. It is a much less invasive process and can usually remove black or dark type of tattoos more completely.

During 2012, it was reported that one in 7 US adults regretted their decision to get one. Citing their youth, many had simply outgrown the necessity for a tattoo. Over the years, they had outgrown the need to have their body permanently marked celebrating an early-life experience. 


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