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There's Only 1 Laser You Should Use For Tattoo Removal

tattoo removal technologyThe nature of the technology culture is to be continually innovating products. If you were looking to buy a new iPhone you probably wouldn’t dream of buying the original iPhone 1st generation. It’s not compatible with the new operating system so new apps won’t work, not to mention it would run at a prehistoric pace. No, you’d probably opt for the newest phone. Just like choosing a phone, you should choose the most innovative technology for laser tattoo removal. There are 2 benefits of Picosure lasers that make it the best laser on the market.

Fewer Treatments

Picosure technology breaks up tattoo particles in smaller particles by applying short impulses of lasers in trillionths of a second. This allows for fewer treatments because your bodies immune system is able to remove the particles faster. Dr. Gary Lask, director of dermatologic surgery at UCLA, comments, “By doing that you’re getting a more intense reaction. That destroys the tattoo particles.” This treatment will remove a black tattoo in about 5 sessions.

Efficient Color Removal

Certain colors are usually the most difficult process of tattoo removal as there are varied wavelengths for certain pigments. Oranges and reds are the hardest to remove, while blue and black are relatively easy. Picosure, however, makes the process of removing color easier.

As the expert Dr. Lask remarks, “It’s the first new breakthrough for tattoo treatment in about 20 years.”

With that advice in mind you shouldn’t settle for sub par laser tattoo removal treatments. Consult a professional for your tattoo removal needs.

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