How to Recover from Laser Tattoo Removal

Person receiving laser tattoo removal.

Making the decision to get your tattoo removed is no easy undertaking. Your ink may have at one point meant a great deal to you, but now your feelings toward it have changed. When you first got your tattoo, you probably took the time to research the artist, and took care of your body art to make sure it healed properly. Now, that you’ve decided to get it removed, why not take the same precautions and steps to make sure your body heals properly?

In order to ensure a fast and thorough healing process, we’ve come up with some tips to move the process along safely and quickly. Make these changes in your daily routine and say goodbye to your unwanted tattoo!

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By getting and staying active, your body will increase blood flow to aid in muscle recovery. While this is happening, your skin (and underlying ink particles) get extra benefits and recover faster. What remains of your recently removed tattoo will exit your body more rapidly and you’ll feel healthier as well! 

Drink More Water

Keeping your body hydrated is an important part of the recovery and healing process. Since your skin is made up of almost 65% water, wouldn’t it make sense that you need to drink water to stay healthy? Decreasing alcohol consumption will also help your tattoo removal heal faster. This is due to alcohol’s natural dehydrating effects, and will cause ink pigmentation to linger longer.

Quit Smoking

There are many studies out there that explain how smoking affects your body’s ability to heal when removing a tattoo, but we’ll give you some quick facts. First, the laser tattoo removal process can be 70% less effective for tobacco users. Smoking weakens the immune system and leads to reduced antibody response. This is directly responsible to delaying the healing process. Also, carbon monoxide restricts your blood vessels, which can cause ink pigmentation to linger longer than usual. With all of this in mind, maybe getting that tattoo of your ex can serve as motivation to finally quit smoking too!

Shield From Sunlight

At some point during the laser tattoo removal process, your doctor probably warned you about exposure to the sun during the healing process, and for good reason. If the area surrounding your removed ink is burned or blisters, it may lead to permanent scarring. Also, if you tattoo removal requires multiple sessions, tanned skinned will delay the process because darker skin is tougher for the laser to penetrate and break up ink particles. If you do go outside, apply sunscreen or cover up with garments of clothing!

The laser can only do so much to remove your tattoo. The rest is up to you! Treating your body right and making healthy choices in your everyday life can greatly speed up the tattoo removal process. If you have any questions about aftercare or treatment tips, don’t hesitate to contact us at 808-949-8346. 

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