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When Your Employer Says Tattoos Got to Go

Tattoos Got to Go

Recently a well-known employer confronted a 27 year old employee and advised her that the small heart tattooed on her hand must go. About the size of a quarter, the tattoo was no longer welcome at the business. 

She was given 30 days to begin the removal process of the tattoo or face the possibility of losing her job.

Corporate headquarters had issued the dictum of no visible tattoos in the workplace.

The employee has steadfastly refused to have the tattoo removed, stating she had it when she was hired. It wasn’t offensive, and that she had been using makeup to cover it. Obviously her efforts weren’t enough, and the employer seems to have the upper hand.

It’s unclear if employment law will help to clear up this matter, but it is pretty evident that employers are starting to require the no visible tattoo policy in the workplace.

Unlike years ago, when the permanency of a tattoo was a reality, today there are many alternatives available to have an unwanted tattoo removed.

Tattoo Removal - Inkoff.MD in Honolulu, HI
Here at InkoffMD we offer the most advanced and effective laser treatment available for the removal of tattoos. Using the PicoSure process, the ink can be more effectively targeted, and it works on difficult colors as well. With fewer treatments and a speedier recovery time, your satisfaction is our number one priority.

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