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Tattoos and Addictions

Some people have an addiction to getting tattoos and some people have tattoos that remind them of an addiction that they’ve worked hard to kick.

Once someone kicks an addiction such as a drug habit, out-of-control drinking, or compulsive gambling they often clean house of anything that reminds them of their unsavory habit. Recovering addicts are advised to throw away any addictive substances that they might have stashed around the house and any paraphernalia such as a pipe, bong or a prized shot glass. By getting rid of these objects a person is not only demonstrating their resolve, but they are eliminating temptation.

Often a person will go further than throwing away their favorite whiskey tumbler, they may say goodbye to friends who shared or enabled the addiction. This is particularly true if the friendship is more about meeting at the local drinking hole than about interests beyond alcohol.

Lifestyle changes are usually necessary for success. For gamblers, it might be driving the long way around to avoid passing the racetrack or the local poker club. And for those who are sick of being reminded of their habit every time they look at their tattoo there is laser removal.

Does Your Tattoo Remind You of an Addiction or a Bad Habit?

The outlaw nature of tattoos, make them the perfect medium to glorify bad habits. Poker chips, cards, whiskey, and cocaine are common elements in tattoo designs. Designs that emphasize gambling are particularly common, from flaming dice to the queen of hearts. Because gambling and tattoos just seem to go together, some years ago, an online casino actually bought advertising space on a woman’s forehead.

Sporting a tattoo that, basically, glamorizes drug or alcohol abuse or obsessive gambling may make it harder to quit. Thankfully, laser removal has come a long way. It can erase even the dark colors and give you a fresh start.

A Fresh Start

If you are trying to quit a bad habit and your tattoo is a sorry reminder of it, consider having it erased with laser tattoo removal. Start with a fresh clean canvas and get a life-affirming, inspirational tattoo instead. Some people who join 12-step programs get tenets of the program tattooed to help keep them on the straight and narrow.

Even for those who never develop a full-blown addiction, a tattoo can often be a reminder of youthful excess. Tattoos that seemed rebellious and edgy suddenly become embarrassing as we age. And it isn’t difficult to imagine that skin inked with images of vices may turn off prospective employees. We recommend PicoSure by Cynosure to erase these unwanted tattoos. You will be impressed by the results. Call our Hawaii center for a consultation.

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