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Love May Be Fleeting but Tattoos Are Not

Many people get tattoos to show the world who or what they love or admire…whether it be a person, a band, an author, a poem, a favorite film star, or a cartoon character. Unfortunately the things we love today may not be the things we love or even like tomorrow. In the past, you could have your tattoo scraped off or surgically removed. Removing layers of skin or actually cutting away pieces of skin inevitably leads to scars. Thankfully, tattoo removal has come a long way from those rather barbaric methods. Picosure laser, the finest laser on the market for tattoo removal, can erase those past loves and let you start fresh with a clean slate.


Will the Tattoo Jinx Your Relationship?
Many tattoo artists believe it’s risky to get a lover’s name emblazoned with permanent ink. They have seen too many people come to regret it. Some artists will even try to talk their clients out of it. There is a popular notion that instead of reinforcing a relationship and making it stronger that one of these tattoos may actually jinx the relationship.

Most people aren’t going to let superstition get in the way of having their lover’s name inscribed on their skin. They want to shout to the world the name of their one great love, their soulmate. Yet, despite the seriousness of the sentiment, these types of tattoos are often done in the spur of the moment.


Getting a Name Tattoo Can Be an Impulsive Act to Prove Eternal Love
If you’ve been drinking when the idea strikes you, the tattoo artist will probably send you away. Not only does drinking make you bleed more because alcohol thins your blood, but most artists will not feel ethically comfortable inking an intoxicated person.

What if the deed has been done, and you were stone-cold sober at the time, but you’ve still come to regret it?  Some people choose to have the offending mark crossed out, but this is usually done to prove a point, namely, that their ex is nothing to them anymore. But crossing out the mark or having a tattoo artist try to cover it up without first having the initial tattoo faded back with a laser, can look pretty messy.


With Laser Removal…Can Tattoos Really Be Considered Permanent?
Passionate, reckless gestures of love can be fun at the time, but, when it comes to tattoos, it’s nice to know that if you break up or get a divorce you have the option of erasing your ex-lover’s name. Visit us at our Hawaii Center for a consultation. We offer the state-of-the-art Picosure laser removal system at the best price. The Picosure tattoo removal system can eliminate even the more difficult colors. It can get rid of the tattoo or fade it back enough that a new tattoo can be inked cleanly over the top. How many sessions will be needed is dependent on the size and coloration of the tattoo and whether it is a homemade tattoo or the work of a professional.

InkOff.MD offers the most advanced techniques for tattoo removals with fascinating results.

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