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Lasers for Tattoo Removal Help with Acne Scars

A small pilot study has determined that the same type of laser that is utilized to remove tattoos may also help to diminish scars from acne. 

The study, partly financed by Cynosure, a company that provides laser treatments, examined the results of 15 women and 5 men receiving treatments with the special acne related laser.  The laser used in the study used lower doses of energy and a special lens.  A reduction of an average of 25% to 50% in acne scaring was seen. Findings were published in the journal JAMA Dermatology.

Other benefits noted were patients experiencing less pain, swelling, and redness, and a more rapid recovery period.

Although Laser treatments carry risks, there was a noted decrease in pain and discomfort levels.  Patients described the feelings from the laser as heat or pin pricks.  One patient needed a topical anesthesia and no cooling agent was needed during or after the treatment.

Fractionated laser technology has been the leader in the treatment of acne scars.  But in comparison, it's drawbacks include additional discomfort and a longer down-time.  This new element of treating acne scarring will be an interesting alternative to the current treatments of fractionated laser technology and fractional radio frequency. 

Acne scarring carries with it negative psychological effects.  Scars can ruin skin texture and are difficult to cover with makeup.  It can affect a person’s well-being and can continue to affect the individual long after the acne has gone away.  Acne usually appears during adolescence when the development of self-confidence is the highest. 

At InkOff.MD, we specialize in laser tattoo removal; another skin condition requiring professional treatment.  Utilizing the state of the art PicoSure® technology to deliver pulse bursts of energy to the skin to break up the ink, our results are excellent, requiring fewer treatments.

InkOff.MD HawaiiInkOff.MD offers the most advanced techniques for tattoo removals with fascinating results.

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