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Cover Scars & Stretch Marks with Flesh-Colored Ink

tattoo removalFlesh-Colored Ink is Not a Good Option for Masking an Unwanted Tattoo

Flesh-colored tattoos are subtler than the white ink tattoos that are currently popular. They can create the same lacey look as white ink. These neutral tattoos are an option for those who don’t want a conspicuous tattoo.

Flesh-colored tattoo ink has purposes beyond design. It has been used to mask scars and even out skin tone. But it's effectiveness in hiding a bad tattoo leaves much to be desired.

Flesh-Colored Ink Can Help Camouflage Scars

In the hands of an experienced practitioner, flesh-colored ink can effectively camouflage scars from injuries and surgeries. It can also be used to fill in areas of discoloration and lightening resulting from skin conditions such as Vitiligo.

In addition, flesh-colored tattoo designs are used to camouflage stretch marks.

Flesh-Colored Ink for Covering Tattoos

Some artists have experimented with covering unwanted tattoos by matching the ink to the skin color and inking over the tattoo. But for masking an unwanted tattoo the results are iffy at best. For one thing, skin color is difficult to match exactly. Secondly, covering dark ink often creates an even bigger mess than the original tattoo.

It has been suggested that if the tattoo is very faded then the flesh-colored ink will have a better chance of working.

Unfortunately, traces of the tattoo are sure to remain, or the flesh-colored ink may be visible under harsh lighting and a person’s skin color doesn’t stay static; it changes due to illness or sun exposure. If the person gets a tan the ink will no longer match.

When You Get Serious About Tattoo Removal

Halfway measures such as using a questionable bleaching cream, or having a tattoo artist attempt to ink over the mark with skin-colored ink, usually deliver unsatisfactory results.

The question you should ask yourself is, “Do I truly want to get rid of the tattoo?” If you are really serious about eliminating the tattoo then laser removal is the best choice.

And when it comes to laser treatments, it is important to note, they are not all created equal.

PicoSure is the ultimate system. Unlike older laser models, it can tackle the stubborn colors. If you underwent laser therapy with one of those older machines and some pigment still remains, don’t give up.

PicoSure can clear recalcitrant tattoos.

If you tried some of those halfway measures and you are ready to get rid of the mess that remains then PicoSure is the answer. Here at InkOff MD in Honolulu, HI, we’ve had great success erasing bad and unwanted tattoos.

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