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Sometimes a Tattoo is Permanent Proof of Temporary Insanity

When a person gets a tattoo it’s often the result of an impulsive decision. One too many beers and a man may decide that the best way to show his devotion is by having his girlfriend’s name emblazoned on his chest. Years later, he may very well wear a t-shirt at the beach to keep it hidden from his new girlfriend.

Have you been hunting for a job for what seems an eternity? Are you beginning to suspect that your tattoos are turning off prospective employers? Neck tattoos may not be an issue if you are applying for a job at a motorcycle shop or an edgy hair salon, in fact in hipper work environments they may even be considered an asset. But at more buttoned-up establishments they would probably be deemed inappropriate. Many chain stores require that their employees wear long sleeve shirts to hide any visible tattoos. It’s true, tattoos have become a common adornment, and many businesses have become more lenient, but some doors will stay closed to you because of the markings.

Even if your tattoos don’t interfere with your lifestyle, you may wish to get one or two removed for various reasons. Perhaps when you were a teenager you let your best friend practice on you and the tattoo is amateurish to say the least. Those roses might have seemed rebellious and cool when you were a teenager, but now that you are in college they are just embarrassing. And the band logo inked on your arm represents a different you, one that rocked out at death metal concerts. Of course, you could take a chance and have a tattoo artist cover over the old, ridiculous tattoo with another piece of art, but you could come to regret that decision. Many cover-up tattoos go badly wrong, and a person is left with a monstrosity of ink that is even uglier than the initial tattoo.

What if the tattoo you got five years ago is now completely out of fashion? You may have been on the cutting edge of a tattoo trend, but now the inked art on your skin just looks dated. Sometimes, when people get to a certain age they feel they’ve outgrown their body art completely. For all these reasons and many more, people choose to have tattoos removed.

The cleanest way to get rid of your tattoo is (link the yellow highlighted area to the “Tattoo Removal 2 article) to opt for laser removal. PicoSure is the finest laser available. Incredibly, it can erase 75% to 100% of the tattoo. In three to four months your tattoo may be only a memory.

If you are looking for a treatment center in Hawaii that guarantees results then InkOff.MD℠ can meet that requirement. If an unwanted tattoo is interfering with your personal or business life, or you’ve just grown tired of looking at it, then make an appointment for a free consultation with us. We will tell you what to expect so there won’t be any surprises.

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