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Why Tattoo Removal Is Better In Winter

tattoo removalOptimize the season for your own benefit by getting your tattoo removed in winter. You don’t have any regerts? Not even the no regerts tattoo you have?

Your tattoo mishap may not be as bad as “no regerts” but it could be anything from a once-trending tattoo to the name of an ex. If you have a tattoo your embarrassed about or impulsively got, then winter is the best time to get it removed.

Here are the reasons for the season:

The Caterpillar Transformation

Think about it, all of those extra layers in winter can hide a beauty transformation that will emerge in the summer. It is better to endure your treatment now so you show off your beautiful skin in the summer.

Your new treatment should be admired, not covered up in fear of unwanted spots appearing.

Don’t Miss Out On Your Fun In the Sun 

Do you enjoy soaking up sun rays and savor those summer moments outside? Well then take advantage of the winter, by getting your tattoo removal then. In the colder months powerful sun-rays are absent which makes it ideal to get tattoo laser removal. This time frame is also ideal because inflammatory heat is absent.

laser tattoo removalOtherwise, during warmer months you could be required to use a recovery parasol or even a full caftan cover-up. You will have to keep your summer clothes in the closet if you don’t time your tattoo right.

“Given that you can’t be exposed to the sun while undergoing PicoSure tattoo removal and it takes several sessions, it’s best to do so during the winter so you’re not missing out on any fun come summer,” says David Colbert, M.D.

Get the most of your winter and summer by getting your tattoo removed in the winter. This is beneficial for aesthetic, safety, and lifestyle reasons. Don’t let your hibernating go to waste, make use of your time and get your tattoo removed.




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