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When it Comes to Body Art, Does it Get Any Bolder than a Facial Tattoo?

Getting a facial tattoo is probably one of the most startling transformations a person can undergo. What was once unheard of has become slightly more common. In fact, there is a politician in the Czech Republic, who recently ran for president of his country, whose entire face is covered with tattoos. His campaign was unsuccessful, but despite his tattooed visage he was taken seriously. From rap stars to sports stars these tattoos can make a person unforgettable or at least instantly recognizable.

For certain cultures, facial tattooing has been practiced for centuries. Facial tattoos can be found among tribes from far-flung regions of the world, from the islands of the South Pacific to the Amazon rainforest. These tattoos often have ceremonial or ritual significance.

But for most people, facial tattooing is not a nod to their cultural or ancestral heritage, but rather a bold, highly-personal statement.

Popular with Outliers and Outlaws

This extreme form of body art is even more disconcerting when paired with body modification, particularly when metal objects have been inserted under the skin to give lizard-like bumps down the center of the head or to build up brow ridges or create devil horns.

There are many reasons people choose to get such a life-altering tattoo. Some get them for purely mercenary reasons. There is actually a market for selling space on your face for advertisements. People have turned themselves into walking, talking billboards for political campaigns and dubious websites. Prisoners use them to mark the time spent in prison or the crime committed. The teardrop, for example, can signify that the wearer has killed someone or that someone they care about has died while they served time. Some gangs in Central America have had their entire face tattooed. They wear their criminal alliances for the world to see. Some of these inmates are lifers and don’t worry about the future, but for those who find themselves on the outside it’s almost impossible to walk away from the past when you have a gang insignia emblazoned on your face.

Then there are those who do it to reinvent themselves. To turn themselves into living skeletons or elves or dragons or other fantastical creatures. They become works of art so to speak.

Facial Tattoos: Is Regret Far Behind?

Because a facial tattoo is so drastic and so visible it is not hard to imagine that a person may come to regret getting one. In most cases these tattoos can be removed by an experienced technician. Laser removal is really the only reliable method to erase a facial tattoo. Obviously, precautions need to be taken when dealing with a facial tattoo. Special eye protection is a necessity. Hoping to get a facial tattoo removed? Call our Hawaii Center for a consultation.

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