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What makes PicoSure laser by Cynosure Revolutionary?

What makes PicoSure laser by Cynosure Revolutionary?

When it comes to tattoo removal the PicoSure is considered the new gold-standard in laser devices. PicoSure is 100x faster than its predecessor the Q-Switched laser, a nanosecond laser. The PicoSure laser’s pulse width is measured in picoseconds instead of nanoseconds.  The PicoSure laser pulses fire at the rapid rate of a trillionth of a second, compared to a billionth of a second with the Q-Switched model. Because of its speed, PicoSure destroys ink particles far more efficiently. And PicoSure has proven effective in clearing even stubborn ink colors such as green and blue.


Get Better Results in Less Time
With the older technology, a patient often didn’t see any results with the initial treatments, whereas with PicoSure a tattoo may be faded as much as 40% after the first treatment. With this new, more efficient technology it takes far fewer sessions to get the same or, in most cases, better results. On average, it takes about 3 or 4 sessions to remove a professionally inked tattoo. Of course, additional sessions may be required for particularly large or stubborn tattoos. Amateur tattoos can often be eliminated in even fewer sessions, because they usually lie closer to the skin’s surface and the pigmentation is weaker. 

This advanced procedure causes less damage to the skin surrounding the tattoo. So along with fewer sessions a patient can expect less side-effects and a speedier recovery.


PicoSure Can Clear Recalcitrant Tattoos
If you have undergone treatments to have your ink removed with disappointing results consider PicoSure. After all, a dark black dragon which has been lightened to a bluish or greenish shade is still a tattoo, just a faded one. You still need to apply makeup or wear clothing to hide it completely. Older, less advanced lasers often hit a point where they just don’t seem to be removing anymore ink. These tattoo ghosts are considered resistant or recalcitrant tattoos. But you may not have to live with that faded patch of ink, PicoSure can often clear those resistant tattoos.

It’s an uncommon occurrence, but sometimes Q-Switched laser treatments can leave scars. These scars make the skin thicker and the remaining ink more difficult to remove, since the scar tissue presents a sort of barrier for the laser to penetrate. So, if you have scar tissue from previous treatments, you can expect additional removal sessions.


Better Clearance and Fewer Sessions
There really is no other laser on the market which has proven as effective as the PicoSure in clearing the ink from tattoos. It’s kinder to the surrounding tissue, it can eliminate the stubborn colors, all in fewer sessions than the lasers which came before. And because it can even clear recalcitrant tattoos, patients who had less successful treatments in the past have new hope. Our Hawaii center offers the PicoSure laser treatment, so call us for a consultation.

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