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For thousands of years people have found ways to etch designs into their skin. Fish teeth, needles whittled from bone, tortoise shell implements have all been used to carve tattoos into the skin. In the past, pigments were derived from charcoal, copper, cinnabar, plants and even blood.

Vikings often wielded sword and shield with arms and hands covered with emblems. The Picts who inhabited medieval Scotland cut designs into their skin and then applied blue woad, an ink developed from a plant, to make those designs permanent. Within certain Native American tribes both men and women sported facial tattoos. The tribes of North America used needles, bones honed to a point, and thorns from plants to carve designs. During the Crusades, knights would have artisans mark their skin with religious symbols to ensure that upon their death they would be recognized as Christians and buried accordingly.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Samoans consider tattooing a rite of passage. Tattooing is still a ritual in Samoa as it has been for at least two thousand years. Artists still mark the skin using the same techniques and types of tools that their forefathers used. Combs made from bone and tortoise shells are used to etch the skin with an intricate pattern. The pigment comes from the ashes of burnt nuts.

Warrior cultures especially seemed to prize these markings as outward signs of bravery or perhaps to frighten off the enemy. You definitely couldn’t be a coward and withstand some of the barbaric methods employed in the scarification process. First the skin would be scored with something sharp and then a substance that would create a permanent stain was rubbed into the cut. Pain and infection were risks these warriors were willing to take.

Hawaii Tattoo Removal

Even today, fairly crude methods are used for making homemade tattoos. Some people even use ink pens to scratch symbols onto their skin. But most people prefer having a professional do the job and will fight for an appointment at the trendiest tattoo parlors in the scene. There are even celebrity tattoo artists. Of course, the bone implements and crude pigments have been replaced with tattoo machines and professional inks.

The modern age doesn’t just have safer, more exacting technology to create tattoos, it has technology to remove them as well. You no longer need to think of your tattoos as permanent. If you’ve outgrown the tattoos you have and wish to get new ones then laser removal is the solution.

Laser Tattoo Removal Hawaii

Once the old tattoos have been erased then the tattoo artist will basically have a new canvas to work on. If you are considering a whole new set of tats visit our center in Honolulu for a consultation. We have what we consider the ultimate equipment to laser away those unwanted tattoos. Picosure laser tattoo removal can even eradicate those stubborn hues, the greens and the blues. Chances are, we will be able to remove almost all traces of the old tattoos so you will be starting with a clean slate, so to speak.

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