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Top Ten Questions About Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are beautiful when correctly done, but a tattoo that occurs on a whim or with mistakes can become unsightly leading you to desiring tattoo removal. However, before you go for the tattoo removing procedure you have a lot of question that need answering first starting with:

1. Is the laser tattoo removing procedure painful?

The laser tattoo removal procedure is painless. This is because a numbing application ointment prevents the skin from feeling any kind of painful sensation.  

2. How long does the tattoo removing procedure last?

The procedure can last between 20-minutes to an hour depending on how large the tattoo is and its location.

3. How many removal treatments are necessary for the tattoo to be completely gone?

Depending on the size of the tattoo and location of it, between 5 to 10 treatment sessions with a laser is required in order too permanently remove the tattoo for good.

4. Can laser tattoo removal remove all kinds of colored tattoos?

Yes, laser tattoo removal can remove all kinds of colored tattoos from the skin. However, lighter colored tattoos tend too need the most laser removal treatments in order to fade them away completely.

5. Is there scarring after the removal procedure?

Yes, scarring is sometimes present after the procedure, but you can use ointments and creams specifically for scarring to help reduce its appearance.

6. Will the laser tattoo removing treatments give permanent results?

Yes, the laser tattoo removing treatments will provide permanent results. Once your tattoo is gone completely it will not come back.

7.  Are there any per-treatment care steps necessary before having the procedure done?

Weeks before having your tattoo removing procedure, it is best to avoid long periods of sun exposure and tanning beds. Darkened skin has a difficult time responding to laser treatments.

8. What are the after care requirements?

Once you have your tattoo removing procedure you are required to apply healing ointments and bandages to the delicate area of skin the tattoo was removed from until it has healed.

9. How much does tattoo removal cost?

Tattoo removal costs are determined by the size of the tattoo that needs removing.

10. How much time should pass between each laser treatment?

The amount of time you should allow between each laser treatment is between 6 and 12 weeks. This prevents your skin from becoming sensitive and damaged.

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