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Top Reasons for Getting Your Tattoo Removed

Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Monday, December 21, 2015

Many people get a tattoo to symbolize their relationship with someone else.  But if the relationship ends, they are left reminded of the failure. Using the technology of laser tattoo removal, the tattoo can go away, and the ex is just a distant memory.

* Interests Change

Music, sports teams and even military service tattoos can be a spur of the moment decision when you get the tattoo.  As you mature or get older, these interests may change and you may decide to have the tattoo removed.

* Moving Up Professionally

When you finally get that promotion you may find that your youthful ink designs don’t fall into line with the new professional dress code.  To dress up your image you may decide to get your tattoos removed.


* Feeling Embarrassed

There are times that we do something impulsively that doesn’t necessarily coincide with who we are, as we get older.  If you have a tattoo that causes you self-consciousness or embarrassment then your option is to have it removed and rid you of the image.

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