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Tattoo Removal for Military and Police

Dr. W.Y. Chung from the Vein and Skin Center of Hawaii and InkOff MD has recently been assisting military service men and women and police officers with getting tattoos removed.

Due to changes in policies, visible tattoos are no longer considered acceptable by the military and many law enforcement agencies.

Dr. Chung, who is the founder and Chief Medical Officer at InkOff MD, reported a marked increase in tattoo removal cases over the last year. Many agencies have adopted the policy that visible tattoos are not permitted. Previously most of his clientele were military personnel, but he is seeing more and more patients from the law enforcement ranks.

The tattoo removal process can last up to six months. Most patients require four sessions. Dr. Chung uses an aesthetic laser, PicoSure, to essentially break up the ink which is then absorbed by the body for elimination. After a session, it generally takes about six weeks to resume treatments.

Patients can be administered injections for pain during the procedure, or can elect to have a numbing cream applied.

InkOff MD in Honolulu Hawaii

Using the most advanced laser treatment on the market today, InkOff MD can successfully remove your unwanted tattoos. The PicoSure laser treatment will target the tattoo and will promote less recovery time and fewer treatments. Consultations are at no charge, and pricing is based on the number of treatments required.


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