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Tattoo Ink Warnings Create Rise in Laser Tattoo Removal Services

Mah-goodness.  Dermatalogists have made some discoveries and are quickly pointing out that tattoo ink is bad news for your health.  Yes, tattoos have been a form of body art since the time of Ferdinand Magellan (Google him if you need to) but studies have shown that tattoo ink has changed and how our skin absorbs it has caused some concern…

According to the American Academdy of Dermatology, there has been a drastic increase in tattoo-related skin conditions that include allergic reactions, deadly infections and a need to do the watusi (although the latter is just speculation).

Dermatology know-it-all Michi Shinohara, a clinical assistant professor at Seattle’s of Washington says the ingredients that make up tattoo ink include plastic-based pigments used in textitles, printing and paint for automobiles.  So, hey, if you’re planning on getting a tattoo, consider the measures.  But if you’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo or two or three removed, and if this notice has finally made you make up your mind, well, look no further than laser tattoo removal. 

Just how tattoo ink has changed over the years, laser services to remove unwanted tattoo have been altered as well.  New technology allows for less sessions, less pain, and less turn around period with very little after effects.  What say you?

Want to learn more about the dangers of tattoo ink?  Head on over to Reporter Herald?

Have you suffered inconvenient skin conditions due to tattoo ink?  Do tell!

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