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The Evolution of the Cosmetic Laser

Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cosmetic lasers have come a long way from the pioneering ones first used to remove wrinkles. In the early days, laser treatments were a luxury for only a select few. Today, laser procedures are extremely popular and technology has advanced light beams ahead (pun intended). Today's specialized instruments can treat specific issues. They can help you get rid of perceived flaws such as wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, and unwanted hair. They can even erase something that nature did not give you...the inked designs you received from a tattoo studio.

Thirty years ago laser usage for purely cosmetic reasons was only a gleam in a few doctors' eyes. At that time, the process was not for the faint of heart. Only people willing to deal with an extended downtime and the possibility of complications underwent treatment. Laser equipment was not a precision instrument in those days and the laser burns could be extensive and take weeks to heal.

Annoyed by wrinkles you would like smoothed out? A couple of sessions with an experienced laser technician may be the answer. Unlike their predecessors, CO2 fractional lasers resurface the skin with minimal downtime. Initially, after having the treatment, a person may feel like hiding beneath a hat and sporting large sunglasses, but in a matter of days he or she will be out and about. The process of rejuvenating the skin is fairly simply explained. Basically, in order to smooth out fine lines new collagen needs to be produced. The laser burns microscopic holes in the skin supercharging collagen production.

Have some hair you want permanently removed? Again, you may wish to consider getting laser treatments. A laser is a remarkable tool for getting rid of unwanted hair permanently. The procedure for removing hair is precise and quick. It can treat small areas in a matter of seconds. It may take a few sessions to get rid of that unwanted hair above your lip, but just imagine how freeing it would be to throw away the bleaching creams and wax strips.

Have you tried everything but you can’t get rid of those stubborn acne scars? Lasers to the rescue again. The same principle is at work here as in the rejuvenating process. The beam of light encourages production of collagen to fill in the pitted scar. An experienced technician can lessen the appearance of stretch marks as well.

Bored of that ink on your arm? The PicoSure laser is the ultimate equipment for removing it. You might say PicoSure tops the evolutionary chain of tattoo removal lasers. It can get rid of tattoos with multiple colors. It is advanced enough to erase those hard to remove colors such as greens and blues. If you’ve been stuck with the ghost of an old tattoo because the last treatment you received was not completely successful, then come to our office in Hawaii for a consultation. We will let you know if PicoSure can help erase the last traces of that stubborn tattoo. And unlike the lasers of yore or even those on the market just a few short years ago, the PicoSure can perform its magic in fewer sessions and with a shortened recovery time.


InkOff.MD offers the most advanced techniques for tattoo removals with fascinating results. 

Magnetic Tattoo Removal vs. Laser Tattoo Removal

Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tattoo RemovalThough laser tattoo removal has proven a successful treatment for eliminating unwanted tattoos its success hasn’t deterred companies from marketing dubious removal systems such as fade creams, and powerful magnetic removal devices. Urban and internet legends abound about magnetic tattoo removal.

Urban Legend or Future Innovation?

Though it seems preposterous, researchers have been testing the idea of an ink made almost exclusively from
magnetite which would allow the ink to be drawn from the skin using a device with an ultra-potent magnet. In fact, a patent exists which suggests that someday a tattoo marking could not only be extracted, but also manipulated and revised using magnets.

Imagine a device which can turn a black cat tattoo into an anchor using a magnet to shift the magnetite particles beneath the skin’s surface. It would be like getting a new tattoo without having to inject new pigmentation. The idea is akin to how e-ink works where the ink reforms into a new image with the turn of a page.

Perhaps giving credence to the notion that magnets do indeed have an effect on tattoos, there have been reported instances where an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) has actually caused burns in tattooed areas. 

No one is completely certain why this occurs but some scientists believe that it is due to the iron oxide present in the ink, which is attracted to magnets and also conducts electricity.

For now a magnetite-based ink which can be easily removed or redrawn is still in the development stage. That hasn’t stopped products from appearing on the market which claim that tattoos can be removed using a magnet.

Iron Oxide and Other Ingredients in Tattoo Inks

Considering that tattoo ink is injected into the skin, you might assume that the ink would be a highly regulated product. But alarmingly, there is plenty of mystery surrounding the ingredients in tattoo ink. In fact, the FDA has not approved any inks specifically for tattooing purposes.


Tattoo inks can contain questionable ingredients and sometimes even toxic ingredients. Among the unsafe ingredients which can be found in certain ink products are lead, arsenic, mercury, formaldehyde, plastics and even some radioactive elements.

Black ink for example can be made from iron oxide, jet, carbon, and log-wood. Thankfully, there are plenty of responsible artists committed to using ingredients which have been proven to be non-toxic.

There is a slight chance, if your black ink tattoo is comprised almost entirely of iron oxide particles, that the magnet may have some effect. But if your black ink tattoo includes additional pigment sources such as crushed jet or carbon, a magnet isn’t going to budge that ink, the magnetic attraction would simply be too weak.

Also, tattoos are usually multicolored and each ink color can be formulated in multiple ways and of different ingredients there is no reliable way of knowing the content level of iron oxide.

Magnet Tattoo Removal: More Fantasy than Reality

The magnetic removal systems available on the market today receive very mixed reviews. Quite a few customers report little to no difference in the appearance of their tattoos. Why throw away money on a questionable product when laser tattoo removal has a proven track record.

Perhaps in the future we will have tattoos that can be easily redrawn or eliminated because of the makeup of the ink. Until then you can depend on a successful outcome with laser removal. Call us for a consultation at our Hawaii InkOff.MD center.

Inkoff MD Honolulu, HI

InkOff.MD offers the most advanced techniques for tattoo removals with fascinating results.

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Is Permanent Makeup Right For You?

Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Tuesday, April 05, 2016

cosmetic tattooCosmetic tattooing is a unique specialty within the tattoo arena. Cosmetic tattooing is the process of applying permanent makeup. It can be used to hide disfigurements or sketch in hair where none exists. Cosmetic tattooing can help camouflage white scarring by using flesh-colored inks.

For those people who have no eyebrows or eyelashes due to alopecia it can be a miracle, adding permanent eyebrows and eyeliner. Or the miracle can be simply having an extra 15 minutes in the morning.

Permanent Makeup May Be a Gamble

For the most part, clients have cosmetic tattooing done for purely cosmetic reasons. This procedure is primarily appealing to those people who are tired of reapplying makeup every day or would prefer never being seen without their makeup.  This permanent pigmentation can basically be applied anywhere that eyeshadow and rouge can go: cheeks, lips, eyelids, and eyebrows.

It is the perfect solution for people who want to wake up ready for the day with makeup in place or for those who don’t wish to sweat their makeup off in a gym. For women who want a permanent solution to overly-thin eyebrows or undefined lip-lines, cosmetic tattooing can do the trick.

The idea of not having to purchase expensive cosmetics again is another point in its favor. Not having to worry about smeared mascara or too pale lips ever again would be nice, right?

But permanent pigmentation is definitely risky business.

Despite choosing a shade carefully, the actual color can end up quite different. Being forced to wear a shade which is just wrong for your skin coloring every single day would be devastating. As with any form of tattooing, nightmare stories abound.

An unskilled technician applying heavy-handed colors with too thick of lines, will make the client look clownish. But even if the technician is highly skilled and applies the makeup with a subtle hand, there is a big chance that when fashions change the client may come to regret the color palette they’ve chosen. A vibrant permanent eyeshadow will suddenly look outdated when neutrals are trending.

If you are a victim of a bad permanent makeup job, or have simply come to regret getting it done, there are a few solutions.

permanent makeupHow to Hide or Erase Permanent Makeup

An obvious solution, is to cover the problem area with thick, flesh-colored makeup and then apply lip-liner, eyebrow pencil, etc. over the top of it. Needless to say, this rather defeats the whole purpose of getting the tattoo in the first place since you are now applying more makeup instead of less.

Another option is to find a truly talented tattoo artist who really understands how makeup should be worn. They might be able to alter a shade you are unhappy with or use flesh colors to subtly mask mistakes or too garish of colors.

Quick tip: Homemade remedies such as salt abrasion shouldn’t even be considered because of the risk of permanent scarring.

Although, there is one permanent solution which has a high rate of success and can help give you back the face nature intended. A Q-Switched ND:YAG laser can remove permanent makeup. Of course, the face is a delicate place to treat and precautions need to be taken. Eye protection is necessary when eliminating derma-pigmentation near the eye area. And many dermatologists shy away from directing laser energy too close to the eye, making eyeliner and eyeshadow pigmentation difficult to remove. 

InkOff.MD offers the most advanced techniques for tattoo removals with fascinating results.

What’s the Deal with Laser Tattoo Removal?

Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Friday, September 18, 2015

tattoo removal hawaii

Various methods have been developed for the removal of tattoos. They are no longer considered permanent body designs.  It has become possible with technology today to have them either fully or partially removed.

Previous methods of tattoo removal included acid or TCA, dermabrasion, Sal abrasion which is to scrub the area with salt, cryosurgery and excision.  Today, laser removal has become the treatment of choice.  It is considered to be non-invasive and can usually remove most tattoos completely. 

Laser tattoo removal involves using a laser to break down particles of tattoo ink for absorption into the body.  The laser must be able to emit enough energy to absorb into the pigment of the tattoo in order to break down the ink.  Darker colors tend to be more receptive to the laser process than colors and fluorescent inks. 

tattoo removal

Newer Lasers possess the wavelengths necessary to treat many types of tattoo pigments, which help with the removal of colored tattoos. Laser tattoo removal generally requires several treatments, and a topical anesthetic to reduce any pain sensation. 

The area treated will generally appear faded immediately, with full results evident within a seven to eight week healing period. 

At the end of the healing period, your specialist will be able to identify the larger particles of tattoo ink remaining that require additional treatments.  Over time the tattoo will continue to fade.   The number of treatment sessions required is dependent upon the area of the body targeted for tattoo removal and skin color.  The success of the process will vary with each individual. 

Some individuals experience pain during the laser tattoo removal process. A local anesthesia can be used to minimize pain.  An anesthetic cream can also be applied to help reduce discomfort. 


There is also a technique whereby a microscope glass slide is positioned against the skin and the laser is targeted through the glass.  This process is said to have reduced pain by up to 50%.  It also minimizes blistering and any excess bleeding. 

Inkoff.MD specializes in the removal of tattoos. Experts in laser tattoo removal, only the most advanced laser equipment is used for tattoo removal.  All laser tattoo removal treatments are provided by a board certified physician specializing in laser tattoo removal. 

Inkoff MD Honolulu, HI

InkOff.MD offers the most advanced techniques for tattoo removals with fascinating results.

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Do It Yourself Tattoos Are a Risky Proposition

Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Tattoo Removal

Just the mention of homemade tattoos will often make people cringe. Most people have had some experience with them, either they’ve had one done or they’ve seen a less than stellar example on a friend or two. Obviously, every tattoo artist has to start somewhere, but experimenting on friends and family is risky business.

Despite their iffy reputation, homemade tattoos remain popular. People choose the DIY tattoo method for different reasons; because it’s affordable (to be honest, it’s usually free), because it can be more personal, or because no other method is available--think incarceration.

Laser Tattoo Removal

There are two methods which are commonly used. The stick and poke method involves an ordinary sewing needle, and the do-it-yourself tattoo gun, which requires assembling ordinary household items.

Stick and Poke Method

The stick and poke method is a very simple procedure. First, a permanent ink marker is used to draw an image on the skin then the skin is sterilized by a topically applied solution, usually isopropyl alcohol.  After the needle is sterilized by flame or boiling water it is used to prick along the lines.


Prick, is the operative word, going too deep is obviously a danger. Once the skin has been pricked, india ink is smeared into the tiny holes. Depending on the skill of the artist, sometimes each tiny prick is visible, and at others times the spaces between the dots are not visible making for a smoother line. Infection is obviously a worry with this method.

Homemade Tattoo Gun

Some amateur tattoo artists prefer building a tattoo machine. Amazingly, a homemade tattoo gun can be assembled from things a person likely has on hand. A small electric motor is necessary; people usually disassemble a motorized toy or a cd player to get these.

Homemade Tattoo

Other necessary items; a cylinder from a mechanical pencil or a ballpoint pen, a brace for the cylinder made from a toothbrush or utensil handle, duct tape, and needles cut from guitar string. In addition, a source of power is necessary to operate the gun.

Again, this process can be lead to an infection or the passing of blood borne diseases if precautions aren’t taken to sterilize and replace contaminated parts.

Considering Getting That Homemade Tattoo Removed…Don’t Go the DIY Route

Perhaps the best thing about homemade tattoos is that they are usually easier to remove than professional tattoos. But trying to remove them using homemade measures can leave a bigger mess than the original tattoo.


Let’s face it, most people get these tattoos on a lark and usually come to regret them fairly quickly (by the next day in some cases). Because less ink is normally used to create these amateur markings, compared to professional tattoos, the tattoo is lighter and easier to fade using a laser removal device.

Another reason why these homemade tattoos are easier to erase, is that the ink is superficially applied. Of course, if the ink-laden needle penetrated to the deeper layers then the tattoo will be more difficult to remove.

Small, lightly colored tattoos can be easily erased by the PicoSure laser system. Call our Honolulu center to set up an appointment and say goodbye to a tattoo which you’ve outgrown.

Inkoff MD Honolulu, HI

InkOff.MD offers the most advanced techniques for tattoo removals with fascinating results.

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Laser Tattoo Removal Services Evolve with PicoSure

Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Statistics have shown that plenty of folks are regretting getting tattoos inked on their bodies.  The process of removing them is painful and quite expensive.  So what’s the quickest, surest, least painful way to do it: by laser surgery.

How does it work?
Paul M. Friedman, a cosmetic dermatologist answers with, “After the skin is numbed, the laser targets the ink particles from inside of the skin cells drawing them outside of the cells where the body can recognize them as foreign, and then eliminates them.

What happens is that your body's own immune reaction recognizes that the ink doesn't belong there and your lymphatic system gets rid of the ink particles, and that's how the tattoo lightens over time."

The amazing, revolutionary PicoSure by Cynosure has been introduced to the market.  Friedman states that, “It has a shorter pulse duration of light (a trillionth of a second) compared to original lasers that utilized pulses in one billionth of a second.

The edge that the PicoSure has on previous lasers is because its pulses are 100 times shorter, it shatters the ink particles better, making it easier for the body to eliminate the artwork.”

To read more visit Cosmopolitan.

Are you planning on getting your tattoo removed?  What are the chances that you’re going to try the PicoSure procedure?


InkOff.MD offers the most advanced techniques for tattoo removals with fascinating results.

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Covering up Tattoos with New Tattoos Has Become a Booming Business

Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Monday, October 21, 2013

Nowadays, a lot of people walking through the doors of tattoo shops are not looking to have something tattooed on virgin skin, instead they are coming in to get inked over an already existing tattoo. If the reason for wanting the original tattoo painted over is due to the artist’s lack of talent, then the person will surely choose a different artist to repair it.

For some people, they may pretend to be pleased with that fresh tattoo while in the shop, thanking the artist, perhaps even going so far as to compliment him. But the instant they step out the door they are cursing and blaming the artist. It’s a little like getting a horrible haircut and being too polite to insult the stylist to their face, but knowing that your hair looks a fright. The problem is tattoos are permanent...or at least meant to be.

Some people often aren’t aware that their tattoo is a disaster until some friend points out a misspelling or mistakes a portrait of a sexy celebrity for your Aunt Marge.

Then there is the regret which develops over time. Because you have to look at your tattoo everyday (unless of course the tattoo is on a part of your body which is nearly impossible to view without the aid of strategically placed mirrors) the chances of becoming disenchanted with a tattoo are fairly great.

Cover-Up Choices Limited by Existing Tattoo

You will be limited in regards to design when covering an old tattoo. The cover-up tattoo will need to be darker and larger than the existing tattoo, which can be a problem when you are dealing with an already large tattoo. Certain tattoos are easier to cover than others. If the original tattoo is a small line drawing then you may have it made in the shade. But a tattoo which has extensive ink coverage and is made up of mostly dark colors may present a problem.

Even if you do manage to get exceptional cover-up art, it may not hold up forever. Sometimes the top layer fades and the tattoo beneath starts peeking through, making for a blurry mess, which would require additional touch-ups.

Two Layers of Regret: What’s Worse than an Ugly Tattoo? An Equally Hideous Cover-Up Tattoo. 

Some tattoo artists find that some laser work to fade or lighten the existing tattoo will lead to far superior results. Obviously, starting with skin which has had the tattoo completely erased through laser work would be ideal, but sometimes just fading the old one enough is sufficient. If the tattoo artist who will be doing the new tattoo layer advises you to the get the existing one lightened first, then it would probably be best to follow his advice. If you dismiss his advice and find an artist willing to skip the laser step, you may end up with two layers of lousy tattoos instead of one. And laser removal of that much ink would require more sessions.

It’s very possible that only a small portion of the original tattoo needs to be treated for successful cover-up results. The tattoo artist can make that determination, and let the laser center know which sections of the existing tattoo should be lightened. And the laser center will let you know when the skin has recuperated enough to be tattooed again. For expert care visit our Hawaiian InkOff.MD Center.


InkOff.MD offers the most advanced techniques for tattoo removals with fascinating results.

Expressing Yourself through Tattoo Lettering

Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Thursday, October 10, 2013
Expressing Yourself through Tattoo Lettering
Tattoo lettering is an artform. Artists will adapt older fonts or create brand new ones to suit the project or to meet client’s expectations. Certain gothic, medieval-looking fonts are iconic and instantly recognizable as tattoo fonts. Calligraphy with heavy flourishes and Chinese and Japanese characters are particularly popular right now. Of course the most important consideration when someone decides to have text inked on their skin is not the aesthetics of the font but the phrase which will be inscribed.


Inked with Inspirational Words
In the past, writing was usually paired with an image, it rarely made up the entire tattoo. Today lettering is often the tattoo, no images included. This form of tattoo has been popularized by celebrities who pose on magazine covers with entire passages scrawled up their arms or along their sides or back. But it has remained popular because it is a highly personal way to express oneself. Often people choose a phrase or motto which exemplifies how they live life or how they aspire to live life. Inspiration is everywhere; a favorite quote from literature, a rock and roll lyric, a line from a poem, a lover’s name. Some people have entire stanzas or bible verses inked on their skin. Some bold souls sport large, script tattoos which arc from shoulder to shoulder.


Humiliating Tattoos
Sometimes in an effort to be cool, a person can instead find themselves thoroughly embarrassed. We’ve all heard the stories about people having an inscription done in a foreign language which they do not know how to read only to find that instead of some sage or meaningful phrase, they’ve got something very ridiculous written on their skin. In some cases, according to urban legends, the artist is a prankster and knows very well that the message they are inscribing is complete nonsense.


Unwanted Names, Quotes, or Phrases
So many things can go wrong with a text tattoo beyond incorrect translations. Misspellings occur quite frequently. Sentiments change over time. Lovers and spouses become exes. Musical tastes become more sophisticated. Life’s guiding principles no longer apply to the person you are now.

A person’s identity usually changes as they grow older. For instance, symbolic phrases are a way for those with an outlaw or rebel mentality such as bikers, punks, or goths to recognize members of their own tribe. But when the rebel grows up and mellows, perhaps has a family, he or she may want the reminders of that old life erased.

People will often want to shed gang names or prison tattoos which they have emblazoned on their skin. It’s difficult to walk away from your old life if your skin reminds you of it everyday.


Erasing Unwanted Skin Text
If you have inked lettering which no longer fits your personality or lifestyle, our Hawaii Center has state of the art laser equipment to erase it. We guarantee that we can remove 75% to 100% of those unwanted tattooed sentences, phrases, and words. The number of sessions necessary will vary depending on the dimensions of the tattoo.

Are you planning on getting your tattoo removed?  What are the chances that you’re going to try the PicoSure procedure?  Discuss.


InkOff.MD offers the most advanced techniques for tattoo removals with fascinating results.

Celebrity Tattoo Trends

Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Every day there seems to be a new gossipy article about a celebrity who has decided to do away with a tattoo that embarrasses them. And what’s the most embarrassing thing a person could have emblazoned on their skin?

Typically it’s the name of an ex-lover or an ex-spouse or any symbol which represents that ex-partner like a band logo. After a breakup, celebrities quickly have the offending mark lasered away.

Another catalyst for having a tattoo removed might be seeing oneself in the pages of a glossy magazine or on the movie screen sans tattoos. Photographers may use photo manipulation software to erase tattoos which they think detract from a fashion spread.

Or an actor may have their tattoos concealed with makeup so he will better resemble the character he is portraying. Suddenly, the celebrity thinks, hey, I like myself better without that rose tattoo, and off to the laser center he or she will go.

For those celebrities who still enjoy getting inked, the newest tattoo phenomenon is far more subtle. It’s the white ink tattoo. These types of tattoos are a reaction to the flashier, rainbow-colored tattoos. They have a lacey quality. Some people mistake them for scars until closer inspection. They can also resemble a branded mark, a design which is burned into the skin with an iron. 

Ironically, these pale, almost invisible tattoos are actually more difficult to remove than the traditional, brightly colored alternatives. The ink used in the process can contain certain compounds like zinc oxide which may darken when laser therapy is applied. Usually, though, with additional sessions the now blackened lines can be eliminated.

Yawn-Worthy Tattoos
Tattoo styles like any other personal decoration, can go in and out of fashion. Generic tattoos which have no real personal significance can often lose their appeal. Suddenly, they just become superficial art that makes you cringe. Certain tattoos become so common that they are almost considered a cliché. For instance, a barbed wire encircling the bicep is often cited as an outdated style.

Tattoos Which Hold You Back
Gang affiliated markings and tattoos acquired in prison can make getting a job more difficult. Often these tattoos are on places which can’t be hidden by clothes such as the face, neck, or knuckles. Many prison tattoos are made using pens or other crude implements. India ink, soot, or ashes are often used as the colorants. The good news is, these homemade tattoos are usually easy to remove with a laser.

Those Unwanted Tattoos Have Met Their Match
Laser technology has advanced to such a degree that you could say that tattoos are no longer permanent. If you are booking an appointment to have your tattoo removed, look beyond the state-of-the-art equipment to the reputation of the technician wielding the laser. The skill of the technician will determine the result. Our center in Hawaii boasts top-notch equipment and highly-skilled certified technicians.

InkOff.MD offers the most advanced techniques for tattoo removals with fascinating results.

Tattoo Ink Warnings Create Rise in Laser Tattoo Removal Services

Dr. W. Y Chung, MD - Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Mah-goodness.  Dermatalogists have made some discoveries and are quickly pointing out that tattoo ink is bad news for your health.  Yes, tattoos have been a form of body art since the time of Ferdinand Magellan (Google him if you need to) but studies have shown that tattoo ink has changed and how our skin absorbs it has caused some concern…

According to the American Academdy of Dermatology, there has been a drastic increase in tattoo-related skin conditions that include allergic reactions, deadly infections and a need to do the watusi (although the latter is just speculation).

Dermatology know-it-all Michi Shinohara, a clinical assistant professor at Seattle’s of Washington says the ingredients that make up tattoo ink include plastic-based pigments used in textitles, printing and paint for automobiles.  So, hey, if you’re planning on getting a tattoo, consider the measures.  But if you’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo or two or three removed, and if this notice has finally made you make up your mind, well, look no further than laser tattoo removal. 

Just how tattoo ink has changed over the years, laser services to remove unwanted tattoo have been altered as well.  New technology allows for less sessions, less pain, and less turn around period with very little after effects.  What say you?

Want to learn more about the dangers of tattoo ink?  Head on over to Reporter Herald?

Have you suffered inconvenient skin conditions due to tattoo ink?  Do tell!

InkOff.MD offers the most advanced techniques for tattoo removals with fascinating results.

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