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No Longer a Fan of Your Scalp Tattoos?


Getting a tattoo on the scalp is not for the faint of heart. Because the skull doesn’t have a padding of fat the process can be quite painful, which is why some artists discourage their clients from getting them.

Despite the pain involved, they are becoming more common. Alas, removing them has also become more common. Thankfully, tattoo removal laser centers are able to remove these unwanted scalp tattoos. 

Popular with Punk Rockers and Football Fans

Tattoos on the scalp can make a bold, decorative statement. Punk rock haircuts which are often shaved on one side, allow for the perfect canvas. They are also popular among sports fans who wish to demonstrate their support.

These diehard fans get inked-up with the team’s logo or mascot. Some choose to grow their hair over the tattoo in the off-season, and then shave and reveal it once the season gets underway.

Serious Scalp Tattoos

Scalp tattoos can be more than decorative. There is a process called scalp micro-pigmentation or SMP which is used to cover baldness. This a unique way to mask hair loss. It sounds bizarre, but if done correctly it can look surprisingly natural.

Basically, it works for those men who are willing to shave what’s left of their hair very close to the scalp. Micro-pigmentation is used to ink on tiny dots which resemble buzzed hair. If done correctly, it can give the illusion of stubble over the entire head.

For some men it is a matter of filling in the receding areas at the temple or a bald patch at the top of the head, but it can be done on a completely hairless head. People with alopecia, a condition which may lead to complete baldness, may be candidates for this process.

Scalp Micro-pigmentation: Things to Consider

For SMP to have a successful outcome it requires a truly skilled practitioner. It’s a meticulous process and requires a specific skillset quite different from those needed to create artistic tattoos. It is usually performed by a physician.

Because the inks used in artistic tattoos can fade to bluish or greenish shades SMP requires specific inks, to make sure the color stays natural looking. Having the “hair” on your head fade to blue would not be a welcome change.

There are a multitude of factors to consider before undergoing SMP treatment. What if your hair turns gray? One solution, is to dye the remaining hair, so it will match the pigmented area. Another solution, if you choose to go gray, is to have the tattooed area redone to match.

What if the ink fades? You may have to repeat the process. Also, you are basically committing yourself to keeping a buzzed hair length permanently. Clearly, it would look strange if you grow your natural hair long around these “stubbed” ink patches.

In addition, even with an experienced technician, things can go wrong, a hairline might be drawn too low, or the color doesn’t blend with the natural hair well enough. In cases like these, laser removal treatment can remove the micro-pigmentation and give the technician a clean slate to redo the procedure.

If you are no longer a fan of the team tattooed on your head, or your hair is thinning and no longer hides that sport’s logo in the off-season, or your scalp micro-pigmentation needs some tweaking, then visit our Honolulu center for a consultation and learn about our Picosure removal process.


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