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Ready to Admit It? Your Tattoo Has to Go!

Tattoo removal is becoming a more and more prominent treatment in dermatology and medical offices. For a variety of reasons, people are flocking to centers that offer tattoo removal.

Techniques used for the removal of unwanted tattoos include laser surgery, dermabrasion and surgical removal. Each method has its advantages. Here is how they work:

Laser surgery involves using Q-switched lasers that release energy in single and power pulses.This is most usually the treatment most people prefer and use. Prior to the treatment, a local anesthetic is injected into the skin in order to numb it. A laser is used to target heat pulses of energy to the area, which will break up the ink to allow the body to absorb and release it through the body’s digestion.

Post treatment may show some swelling, some bleeding may be present or slight blistering. An antibacterial ointment is usually applied to aid the healing process. Repeated sessions may be needed for tattoos that have different colors.

In a dermabrasion treatment, the area is usually chilled until it becomes numb. The tattooed skin is essentially sanded down to lower levels using a high-speed rotary machine that uses a wheel or brush to sand the area. The ink is then able to travel out of the skin. The skin can be sore and raw for up to ten days after the treatment. Ointment and a special bandage are usually after the treatment. Additional treatments may be necessary.

For surgical removal, the skin is numbed by an injection. A scalpel is used to remove the tattoo, with the edges of the area being stitched together. Ointment is also recommended post treatment to help with the healing process. This method, although effective, will probably leave a scar. This treatment is recommended for small tattoos. Learn more about what to expect with your tattoo removal treatment.

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