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Picosure Takes Tattoo Removal to a New Level

tattoo removalIn recent years, tattoos have become a non-taboo form of expression. In fact, over 45 million US adults have at least one tattoo.

As more and more people decide to get them, mistakes are happening and people are regretting what they get. Many workplaces are requiring tattoos to be covered up and roughly 40% of people getting tattoos removed are doing so due to work regulations.

There are tons of other circumstances in which people get tattoos removed as well, such as regretting a decision in younger years.

Whether it’s your ex’s name on your forearm, a badly drawn baby pigeon on your ankle, or new workplace requirements, tattoo mistakes can be annoying and unappealing. While the idea of tattoo removal can be daunting, it might be your only option. Luckily, there is a new, faster, and easier way to do so. Thanks to PicoSure™, permanent ink can be a thing of the past.

With super short bursts of energy, tattoo ink and skin spots can be erased in fewer and faster treatments than ever. PicoSure™ is a revolutionary way to remove tattoos and has been shaking the nation.

Before this new discovery, tattoos were removed with thermal energy to heat up molecules and break apart ink particles, damaging the skin. Now, however, short energy pulses have taken the lead. With a pulse of just one trillionth of a second, energy shatters tattoo ink into dust-sized particles, which are then easily eliminated by the body.

Each tattoo is different, due to size, color, and depth, and while the number of treatments will vary, with PicoSure™, you can be certain that you will go through less treatments overall than with other methods. This safer and faster method is a great choice for millions of people and has been approved by the FDA.

Any color can be broken down by PicoSure™, including those stubborn dark blues and greens without the risk of injury to skin. 80% overall tattoo clearance can be seen, as well as 94% clearance of pigment in just 3-4 months with a short few minute treatment done every 4-8 weeks. Say goodbye to smeared-looking ink from past treatments forms and hello to smooth, clear skin.

InkOff.MD has decided to bring this amazing new option to Hawaii, as the first and only shop to bring you PicoSure™. Stop in and schedule an appointment to see what PicoSure™ can do for you!


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