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What is PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal & Does It Work?

picosureMore than 21% of Americans have tattoos.  Many of these people have had second thoughts about the body art and are looking for a reasonably priced and effective tattoo removal method.

The PicoSure™ laser tattoo removal procedure has become one of the most popular treatments for tattoo removal.  PicoSure™ is an aesthetic laser that produces small pulses of lasers into the skin.  Generally tattoos are removed using this method, with fewer treatments required.  Tattoo particles are destroyed by the pulsing laser.

Regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, the laser devices used in tattoo removal usually require many treatments for success.

A black tattoo about the size of a coin would normally require more than five treatments, spaced many weeks apart for removal. Tattoos with colors require a separate laser wavelength for each color.  Generally, orange and purple colors are more difficult to remove, while blues and blacks tend to be easier.

Spending about $250 for a tattoo and spending thousands for its removal is not uncommon.  This was recently demonstrated by a patient who wanted to remove a barbed wire tattoo, and faced several treatments to have it removed. The PicoSure™ method of tattoo removal provides the most efficient method of tattoo removal.

laser tattoo removal 

Considered a breakthrough in tattoo removal treatment, the PicoSure™ laser tattoo removal method offers patients an effective and reasonable alternative for the removal of tattoos. 

Inkoff MD focuses completely on laser tattoo removal.  Utilizing the PicoSure™ pico-second laser, they can more effectively provide a swift process for the removal of unwanted tattoos.


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