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Obsession, Addiction, or Just Enthusiastic Self-Expression

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Have you ever noticed that people who have been inked rarely have just one tattoo? Many people get a tattoo with the idea that it will be a rite of passage, a one-time experience not to be repeated. But there is something about the process which keeps people coming back for more.

The fear or nervousness combined with the excitement of getting that first tattoo can bring on an adrenaline rush. And adrenaline rushes can be addicting. Pain can trigger endorphins and endorphins are a sort of natural high.

For instance, people who run for exercise often get addicted to the endorphin release. Wanting to experience that heart-pumping high again, brings people back to the tattoo parlor.


An addiction to something involves a physical need. Some individuals revel in the pain and excitement of the tattoo experience and the resulting flood of endorphins. If getting a tattoo provides a pleasurable sensation, and you compulsively return to the tattoo parlor seeking out that response it might signal, that you are addicted to the process.

A true test of an addiction is whether it has a detrimental effect on your life. Ask yourself whether you are spending more money than you can afford, or whether your work life or home life is suffering?

Laser Tattoo Removal Hawaii


An obsession for tattoos may not stem from a physical pleasure factor. You may find the process of getting tattoos painful and not particularly exciting. For an obsessive person, the tattoos themselves may be what dominates their thoughts.

A person may just desire to express themselves through tattoo artwork to such a degree that they think about it too much.  An obsession can start crowding out the important things in your life. For some, the obsession becomes so great, that they believe the art on their skin more fully defines them as a person than, say, their smile or their attitude.

Those with an obsessive need to get tattoos are often thinking about their next one even before the newest one has healed. There are people who get nearly every square inch of their body covered with tattoos, where the tattoos start running together, almost overlapping.

Often people who become obsessed with tattoos, also get a lot of piercings. Extreme body modification may be linked to low self-esteem. Radical piercings and tattoos, may be a sign that an individual wishes to stand out, to be noticed, or simply to find acceptance from a peer group.

Laser Tattoo Removal Hawaii

Act of Rebellion or Simply a Form of Self-Expression

If you find you are running out of blank, non-inked skin, you may very well have an obsession, an addiction, or both.

If your need for tattoos is beginning to interfere with your life, perhaps keeping you from advancing at work, or causing problems in your personal relationships, perhaps it’s time to consider tattoo removal procedures.

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