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No More Stigma of Lower Back Tattoos


About 15 years ago, lower back tattoos came into fashion for women. At the time they were considered daring and flirty, alluring and sexy. Women wore bikinis, midriffs and low-slung miniskirts or jeans to show them off.

Celebrities were in the forefront of this trend, but soon they were everywhere. You could see them on the beach, in clubs, at concerts. But times change. Over the years they’ve gained a rather racy reputation, and because of this laser tattoo removal centers are seeing a lot of these types of tattoos.

Waning Popularity

Of course, women still get these lower back tattoos, but they certainly aren’t as popular today as they once were. One reason women like them, is their placement allows them to be hidden beneath conservative work clothing. A woman has the freedom to reveal the mark when she chooses. Only friends and fellow party-goers need even know she has it.

Stigma Associated with Lower Back Tattoos

Fairly or unfairly the placement of a tattoo may say something about the wearer to the general public. To some, these lower back tattoos placed as they are in a fairly provocative place, usually poking out just above the waistband have become shorthand for a promiscuous, party-girl lifestyle. Some people refer to them by raunchy nicknames such as, “tramp stamps,” and “targets.”

With the negative connotations associated with these lower back tattoos, is it any wonder that many women decide that, instead of being hip or cool, they are actually an embarrassment. Many women decide to have them removed once they start a family or as they mature.

Lower Back Tattoos and Epidurals

An epidural, an injection of anesthesia that can help block the pain of childbirth, is administered in the lower back region. There have been questions raised by the medical community about the safety of giving a pregnant woman with a lower back tattoo an injection at that sight.

There is a worry that inserting a needle through the inked area can push the ink into the spinal region. Instead of taking the risk of transporting foreign matter into such a delicate area of the body, many doctors will find a blank portion of the skin to insert the needle before administering the epidural.

Get that Embarrassing Tattoo Removed

Tattoos which tend to put people in boxes, to label them as being a certain type of person are the types people often grow out of.

Fortunately, there’s no need to hide that embarrassing reminder of your impulsive youth. You can get rid of it permanently with a PicoSure laser. The PicoSure laser is cutting edge technology which can erase even hard to remove ink colors. Call our Honolulu center for a consultation.


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