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Best Tattoo Removal Methods

tattoo removal methodsOver time, tattoo removal has been performed using various techniques. Tattoos that were once considered permanent can now be removed or covered.

History of Tattoo Removal

Prior to the use of laser techniques, common treatments were dermabrasion, trichloroacetic acid, and scrubbing the skin with salt, as well cryosurgery and skin grafts. Earlier treatments also included the injection of lime, garlic, or wine. All difficult and painful procedures. Laser treatment became available during the 1990’s. It is a much less invasive process and can usually remove black or dark type of tattoos more completely.

During 2012, it was reported that one in 7 US adults regretted their decision to get one. Citing their youth, many had simply outgrown the necessity for a tattoo. Over the years, they had outgrown the need to have their body permanently marked celebrating an early-life experience. 

Many Employers do not permit their employees to show tattoos, especially Law Enforcement Agencies. Cream cover-up products generally aren’t able to cover completely and come off in time or with perspiration. Turtle neck shirts and long sleeved shirts aren’t always practical due to weather or uniform requirements. Then finally, a tattoo can be a permanent reminder of something you may not want to remember

Laser Tattoo Removal

The process of laser tattoo removal uses the photo-mechanical effect. The ink particles absorb the energy in just seconds. The energy then becomes a minor shock wave that proceeds through the dermis tissue causing the small structures to breakdown. But for a minor vibration, the tissues are unaffected. Broken down ink will be absorbed by the body, causing natural fading. Certain tattoo colors or pigments are more difficult to remove then those in darker or black colors. 

Laser treatments are considered the ultimate process for tattoo removal. Lasers developed after 2006 use multiple wavelengths and can cover a much larger range of tattoo pigments, then those developed previously. There is usually a 7 to 8 week healing period between treatments, and additional treatments are usually required. 

Utilizing the laser is harmless to the skin, and in general essentially breaks down the tattoo ink pigments into smaller pieces for ultimate absorption into the body. Over time, the tattoo will fade as particles are absorbed. Larger particles will require the additional treatments. Tattoos on the extremity portion of the body such as ankles, etc., usually take longer to treat.

InkOff.MD specializes in laser tattoo removal utilizing PicoSure advanced treatment and provides additional information regarding services and procedures. Excellent staff and medical personnel comprise our staff at InkOff.MD as well as state of the art technology. A Board-Certified Physician, specializing in Laser Tattoo removal, performs all treatments.

At InkOff MD, in just three to four months, over three fourths of the tattoo can be removed. We are proud to offer the best in patient service.

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