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Can't Live With That Tat? Look Into Laser Tattoo Removal

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There are choices you make in your teens and twenties that you wouldn’t necessarily make in your 30s and 40s—continuing to date the hot guy or girl who you know is cheating on you, racking up credit card debt on designer shoes so tight you’d have to have a toe surgically removed to wear them, and getting a tattoo.

Unfortunately, you can’t go back in time and dump that cheating hottie the minute you caught him or her stepping out. But with laser tattoo removal easier and less painful than in the past, you can erase that tattoo you're no longer in love with.

Rethinking Inking

If you decide to de-ink, you’re not alone. The American Society for Dermatological Surgery reported that, “its members performed about 96,000 tattoo removals in 2013, up 52% over the year before.”

Michael Kulick, a San Francisco-based plastic surgeon, told MarketWatch that, “most tattoo removals are performed on people in their 30s and 40s.” Celebrities like Melanie Griffith, Angelina Jolie, and Eva Longoria all had love tattoos removed after their breakups with Antonio Banderas, Billy Bob Thornton, and Tony Parker, respectively. Someone applying for a white-collar job might find their visible skull tattoo is a career impediment.

Tattoo Removal Hawaii

Laser Tattoo Removal is Preferred Method

There are various methods for tattoo removal—some safe and some considerably less so. CNN reported that, “laser treatments are currently the most common and effective method for removing tattoos.”

The latest laser tattoo removal method, PicoSure, administers ultra-short pulses of energy that blast tattoo ink into tiny particles that are absorbed and then eliminated by your body. How many treatments and what to expect vary depending on the tattoo and the colors used.  Black is the easiest to remove, while pastel colors are more difficult.

PicoSure is a vast improvement over older methods, which included dermabrasion—scraping or sanding down the skin—and salabrasion, or applying a salt solution, heating the area and scraping it away. Neither method is recommended because of risk of complications and scarring. There are tattoo removal creams on the market, but they haven’t shown to be effective at removing tattoos, and worse, they can cause skin irritation. PicoSure patients and doctors have reported better results and improved recovery time over alternative laser or other removal treatments.

Picosure Tattoo Removal in Hawaii

Have questions about PicoSure or tattoo removal? Contact InkOff MD to find out more about laser removal solutions for your specific tattoo.

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