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Laser Tattoo Removal Improves

Laser Tattoo Removal

It happens.  People get tattoos when they’re younger, grow older, and no longer want that tattoo.  Sure, the tattoo removal process used to be painful, took a long time, and left rashes on your skin. 

And we say “used to” because tattoo removal technology has improved drastically.

The latest removal, Cynosure’s Picosure laser treatment, officially launched last week at the American Academy of Dermatology.  With short bursts of energy, your skin quickly erases almost all tattoos of sizes and colors and in less sessions than other treatments.  Oh, and it’s also a heck of a lot safer.

Roy G. Geronemus, the director of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York says, “Blue and green are common in many tattoos and have been very resistant to treatment until now. 

It would take 10 to 15 or more treatments to get rid of green or blue ink in the past and now we can now do with one to three treatments. It’s very awesome.” Exactly.  To read more check out Beauty in the Bag.

Have you had laser tattoo removal?  How did the process go?  How do you feel about this new Picosure treatment?  Share with us below.

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