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What’s the Deal with Laser Tattoo Removal?

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Various methods have been developed for the removal of tattoos. They are no longer considered permanent body designs.  It has become possible with technology today to have them either fully or partially removed.

Previous methods of tattoo removal included acid or TCA, dermabrasion, Sal abrasion which is to scrub the area with salt, cryosurgery and excision.  Today, laser removal has become the treatment of choice.  It is considered to be non-invasive and can usually remove most tattoos completely. 

Laser tattoo removal involves using a laser to break down particles of tattoo ink for absorption into the body.  The laser must be able to emit enough energy to absorb into the pigment of the tattoo in order to break down the ink.  Darker colors tend to be more receptive to the laser process than colors and fluorescent inks. 

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Newer Lasers possess the wavelengths necessary to treat many types of tattoo pigments, which help with the removal of colored tattoos. Laser tattoo removal generally requires several treatments, and a topical anesthetic to reduce any pain sensation. 

The area treated will generally appear faded immediately, with full results evident within a seven to eight week healing period. 

At the end of the healing period, your specialist will be able to identify the larger particles of tattoo ink remaining that require additional treatments.  Over time the tattoo will continue to fade.   The number of treatment sessions required is dependent upon the area of the body targeted for tattoo removal and skin color.  The success of the process will vary with each individual. 

Some individuals experience pain during the laser tattoo removal process. A local anesthesia can be used to minimize pain.  An anesthetic cream can also be applied to help reduce discomfort. 


There is also a technique whereby a microscope glass slide is positioned against the skin and the laser is targeted through the glass.  This process is said to have reduced pain by up to 50%.  It also minimizes blistering and any excess bleeding. 

Inkoff.MD specializes in the removal of tattoos. Experts in laser tattoo removal, only the most advanced laser equipment is used for tattoo removal.  All laser tattoo removal treatments are provided by a board certified physician specializing in laser tattoo removal. 

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