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Laser Removal Procedure In Everyday Terms

tattoo artistWhenever you look at an ingredient list on a food package you know exactly what's going in your body. Don’t you wish you knew everything that was happening to your body when a doctor operated on you? Sometimes doctors don’t know how to translate medical jargon into understandable terms for the rest of us.

So here’s the “ingredient list” for tattoo removal:

First Ingredient

Tattoo ink particles are frequently composed of metals including lead and chromium.

Once they are deposited into your skin via the tattoo process the white blood cells in your body try to break them down to get rid of them.

The white blood cells might try to break down the ink particles but they are too big to be broken down.

girl with tattoo

Under normal conditions particles are attacked by the white blood cells. Then they are sent to your lymph nodes to the liver to be eliminated. After you get a tattoo applied you may notice that it begins to fade with time. This is due to your white blood cells slowly eating it away.

Second Ingredient (Hopefully, Last)

The laser tattoo removal method consists of a light pulsing very quickly set at a frequency that is high enough to heat up the tattoo ink. This heat produced by the laser pulses will break up the ink enough so that the white blood cells can better do their job of ridding your body. Your immune system will sweep away the broken down particles.

flawless skin

This is a noninvasive procedure unlike other potentially harmful tattoo removal procedures:

Laser removal only focuses on the tattoo itself. That means less scarring and it leaves your skin desirable.

Your skin has obviously gone through a lot. Be kind to it and choose laser removal when you get your tattoo removed. It’s a win win. When your skin is treated with the best treatments it will look flawless.



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