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Finger Tattoos and Regret Go Hand in Hand

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Fingerstache tattoos are tattoos of a comical moustache inked on the side of the finger which can be held under the nose when you want to make your friends laugh or break the ice with someone you have just met. If you think these are rare, try an image search online. They are the subtle, modern day version of the Groucho glasses--the ones with a big nose, and a moustache attached.

Unfortunately, the gag won’t have the same impact the second or third time you show it to your group of friends. In that same vein, some people get even more elaborate disguises on the back of their hands such as, the teeth and jaw of a skull which can be held over the mouth.

Of course, anything this faddish is bound to evoke shrugs of indifference in a few short years.

You have to be very committed to get a tattoo on your hand, since they can be quite painful to get. Certain parts of the body lack the fat padding to cushion the needle. Despite the pain involved, ring tattoos, palm tattoos, and back of the hand tattoos are becoming more popular.

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Hand Tattoos and the Outlaw Culture

Hand tattoos have been popular in prison for a long time. Perhaps because of this, they have a dubious reputation. Dots on the hand can signify time spent behind bars. Inked rings on the fingers can signify the individual’s status in regards to prison hierarchy. Russian criminals are known to get their names tattooed on their fingers.

Hand tattoos certainly limit employment options. And because we use our hands so much throughout the day, using makeup to conceal the tattoo would probably be useless. The makeup would certainly smear or wash off and have to be reapplied.

Wedding Ring Tattoos
Another fad is getting wedding ring tattoos. Unfortunately, what seems completely unique at the time can swiftly become commonplace. For instance, infinity symbols or designs which incorporate half a heart (the heart becomes whole when spouses put their fingers side by side). Flowers, Celtic designs, the spouse’s name, designs which copy the look of a real wedding band, are all fairly common choices.

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Uniqueness of design is not the only worry. There is the widely held belief that inking your lover’s name on your body basically invites doom for the relationship. If you are superstitious, perhaps getting your future spouse’s name inscribed on you finger is not the best way to begin a marriage.

When the Novelty Wears Off
Are you tired of that finger mustache? Are you going through a divorce and wish you could erase your spouse’s name? Or is your hand tattoo holding you back at your job or limiting your employment opportunities?

A laser tattoo removal system can help get rid of a tattoo which has become more of an embarrassment than a novelty. Our Honolulu center is equipped with the gold standard in tattoo removal, the PicoSure laser system.

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