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Expressing Yourself through Tattoo Lettering

Expressing Yourself through Tattoo Lettering
Tattoo lettering is an artform. Artists will adapt older fonts or create brand new ones to suit the project or to meet client’s expectations. Certain gothic, medieval-looking fonts are iconic and instantly recognizable as tattoo fonts. Calligraphy with heavy flourishes and Chinese and Japanese characters are particularly popular right now. Of course the most important consideration when someone decides to have text inked on their skin is not the aesthetics of the font but the phrase which will be inscribed.


Inked with Inspirational Words
In the past, writing was usually paired with an image, it rarely made up the entire tattoo. Today lettering is often the tattoo, no images included. This form of tattoo has been popularized by celebrities who pose on magazine covers with entire passages scrawled up their arms or along their sides or back. But it has remained popular because it is a highly personal way to express oneself. Often people choose a phrase or motto which exemplifies how they live life or how they aspire to live life. Inspiration is everywhere; a favorite quote from literature, a rock and roll lyric, a line from a poem, a lover’s name. Some people have entire stanzas or bible verses inked on their skin. Some bold souls sport large, script tattoos which arc from shoulder to shoulder.


Humiliating Tattoos
Sometimes in an effort to be cool, a person can instead find themselves thoroughly embarrassed. We’ve all heard the stories about people having an inscription done in a foreign language which they do not know how to read only to find that instead of some sage or meaningful phrase, they’ve got something very ridiculous written on their skin. In some cases, according to urban legends, the artist is a prankster and knows very well that the message they are inscribing is complete nonsense.


Unwanted Names, Quotes, or Phrases
So many things can go wrong with a text tattoo beyond incorrect translations. Misspellings occur quite frequently. Sentiments change over time. Lovers and spouses become exes. Musical tastes become more sophisticated. Life’s guiding principles no longer apply to the person you are now.

A person’s identity usually changes as they grow older. For instance, symbolic phrases are a way for those with an outlaw or rebel mentality such as bikers, punks, or goths to recognize members of their own tribe. But when the rebel grows up and mellows, perhaps has a family, he or she may want the reminders of that old life erased.

People will often want to shed gang names or prison tattoos which they have emblazoned on their skin. It’s difficult to walk away from your old life if your skin reminds you of it everyday.


Erasing Unwanted Skin Text
If you have inked lettering which no longer fits your personality or lifestyle, our Hawaii Center has state of the art laser equipment to erase it. We guarantee that we can remove 75% to 100% of those unwanted tattooed sentences, phrases, and words. The number of sessions necessary will vary depending on the dimensions of the tattoo.

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