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Celebrity Tattoo Trends

Every day there seems to be a new gossipy article about a celebrity who has decided to do away with a tattoo that embarrasses them. And what’s the most embarrassing thing a person could have emblazoned on their skin?

Typically it’s the name of an ex-lover or an ex-spouse or any symbol which represents that ex-partner like a band logo. After a breakup, celebrities quickly have the offending mark lasered away.

Another catalyst for having a tattoo removed might be seeing oneself in the pages of a glossy magazine or on the movie screen sans tattoos. Photographers may use photo manipulation software to erase tattoos which they think detract from a fashion spread.

Or an actor may have their tattoos concealed with makeup so he will better resemble the character he is portraying. Suddenly, the celebrity thinks, hey, I like myself better without that rose tattoo, and off to the laser center he or she will go.

For those celebrities who still enjoy getting inked, the newest tattoo phenomenon is far more subtle. It’s the white ink tattoo. These types of tattoos are a reaction to the flashier, rainbow-colored tattoos. They have a lacey quality. Some people mistake them for scars until closer inspection. They can also resemble a branded mark, a design which is burned into the skin with an iron. 

Ironically, these pale, almost invisible tattoos are actually more difficult to remove than the traditional, brightly colored alternatives. The ink used in the process can contain certain compounds like zinc oxide which may darken when laser therapy is applied. Usually, though, with additional sessions the now blackened lines can be eliminated.

Yawn-Worthy Tattoos
Tattoo styles like any other personal decoration, can go in and out of fashion. Generic tattoos which have no real personal significance can often lose their appeal. Suddenly, they just become superficial art that makes you cringe. Certain tattoos become so common that they are almost considered a cliché. For instance, a barbed wire encircling the bicep is often cited as an outdated style.

Tattoos Which Hold You Back
Gang affiliated markings and tattoos acquired in prison can make getting a job more difficult. Often these tattoos are on places which can’t be hidden by clothes such as the face, neck, or knuckles. Many prison tattoos are made using pens or other crude implements. India ink, soot, or ashes are often used as the colorants. The good news is, these homemade tattoos are usually easy to remove with a laser.

Those Unwanted Tattoos Have Met Their Match
Laser technology has advanced to such a degree that you could say that tattoos are no longer permanent. If you are booking an appointment to have your tattoo removed, look beyond the state-of-the-art equipment to the reputation of the technician wielding the laser. The skill of the technician will determine the result. Our center in Hawaii boasts top-notch equipment and highly-skilled certified technicians.

InkOff.MD offers the most advanced techniques for tattoo removals with fascinating results.

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