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Life Happens: 4 Ways Tattoos Distort

tattoo removalIs your tattoo starting to look a little blurred and dull? If you are tired of looking a blob mocking the skin art you use to have then get it erased with a laser tattoo removal.

Though tattoos are considered permanent art, they often alter over time. With body changes and sun exposure once vivid colors with face and distort the shape of the tattoo.

Here's what could have distorted your tattoo:

Spending Time In the Sun 

When you live in a warm climate its hard not to bask in the sun, all the time. Unfortunately, sun is known to fade the ink in a tattoo.

Crisp blacks may fade to washed-out blues and greens. Sunscreen will offer some protection, but it must be applied religiously.

Excessive sun exposure can also cause those fine, dry crinkles. Basically, if you spend too much time out of doors unprotected, expect that your tattoos will lose their brightness  or leathery from sun damage.

Age Gracefully

It is not uncommon to hear a discouraging remark when you are about to get a tattoo such as, "won’t you feel silly with a cartoon character on your arm once you are older" or "that rose vine won’t look too pretty when you’re sixty." But youth is nothing if not impetuous.

When you are young and rebellious you shrug that kind of thing off. Unfortunately, there is truth to those annoying warnings. The sun and the natural aging process do take their toll. They may turn a motto you lived by 20 years ago into wrinkled faded marks.

Is it any wonder that laser tattoo removal is trending?

Congratulations You Have a Baby Girl & A Distorted Tattoo?

As a pregnancy progresses, tattoos on the abdomen, hip, or breast will stretch along with the skin. Post-pregnancy, women often find that their skin does not return to its former tight, smooth state. Even if it does the image will be distorted.

It is common to get stretch marks during pregnancy. Sometimes these stretch marks occur in the same area as the tattoo. The result is stretch marks crossing through your tattoo breaking the tattoo's lines and color.

Cross Fit Can't Help You With This...

Fluctuations in weight can also change the look of a tattoo, especially if the weight gain or loss is drastic. Certain areas of the body are more affected by changes in weight. A tattoo on the belly or buttocks may distort, whereas a tattoo on the ankle will probably hold its shape. You might want to consider your tattoo when joining the cross fit gym that just opened. If you lose weight slowly but surely instead of rapidly, you may prevent sagging skin.

Life happens. We get that, so if you said "YOLO" too many times think about your options for tattoo removal.



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