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Are Tattoos Still Taboo In the Workplace?

tattoos at workAs a culture we have become more accepting and tolerable of people and their lifestyle choices, but have tattoos become acceptable in the workplace? Here are some current facts, professional opinions, and possible solutions for tattoos in the workplace.

Current Tattoo Facts

Here’s what some studies have found about the attitudes towards tattoos, some research has found favorable findings and other research has confirmed negative attitudes towards tattoos.

Favorable Research:

Unfavorable Research:

There has clearly been a slight positive change for tattoos in the workplace. However, there still is a negative stigma towards tattoos, especially when it comes to the interviewing process and customer perceptions.

Industry Dependent

Tattoo acceptance is highly dependent on the type of industry you work in. If you are working with customers, especially in a highly valued profession like a lawyer than you will be perceived negatively. However, someone like Victoria Beckham can have tattoos because it is more acceptable in the fashion industry.

Dr Andrew Timming conducted some research on the topic, he comments, “There are certain stereotypes that work against people with visible tattoos, and connotations associated with delinquency, health problems – particularly mental health – and rebelliousness. They can certainly impact how you’re perceived, and it’s worth noting that you’re not protected in your job if you have tattoos, because there’s no such thing as discrimination against tattoos.”

The Solution

As of right now many professionals believe that solution is getting their tattoos removed. Dr Susan Mayou, consultant dermatologist says, “There’s a certain age group where they feel it’s inappropriate, from their 30s onwards, when they might feel they want a promotion.”

If you feel like your tattoos are impeding your professional career than consider laser tattoo removal. 

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