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8 Factors That Will Determine Your Tattoo Removal Cost

Tattoo Removal CostTattoos can be costly on their own, so what exactly does it cause to remove unwanted tattoos? There are 8 different factors that will affect the total cost of laser tattoo removal.

Your Skin Type

Tattoos go past the epidermis to the dermis in order to make the ink permanent. The laser will be able to penetrate to a deeper layer of skin without harming the skin.

Tattoo removal can be success
ful for both light and dark skin individuals; although, darker skins are more likely to experience hypopigmentation. Patients that have a higher Fitzpatrick skin types will have more sessions operated at a lower laser setting and you will need to wait longer in between treatments to minimize these side effects.

Location Matters

Certain parts of your body that have a high amount of blood, lymph nodes, and a large vascular supply are the easiest places to remove tattoos. These areas include the neck and head, secondly your upper and lower back, and then your arms and legs. Your tattoo will require more sessions if it isn’t in one of these areas.

What is the Color of Your Tattoo?

To create inks artists combine a variety of tattoo pigments, so it’s often hard to detect the composition of inks. In fact, inks can contain carbon particles that have cigarette ash, pencil particles, or graphite.

The pigment size of the color particles also plays a part in how easily the tattoo can be removed. Black particles vary depending if they are carbon or iron, but colors other than black are up to twice the size of black pigments. This makes colored tattoos more difficult to remove.

Laser Tattoo RemovalIs Your Tattoo Amateur or Professional?

Amateur tattoos usually have less ink and are uneven which actually makes them easier to remove unlike professional tattoos that have greater pigment density. So, if your tattoo is more complex it will add to the difficult of removing it.

Tattoo Complications

Sometimes tattoos lead to scarring from increased collagen deposition depending on where they are placed. It usually occurs with individuals that have darker skins and it will increase your laser sessions.

Covering Up Bad Tattoos

Whether it’s covering up an adolescent mistake or the name of a past lover tattoo cover-ups can be a way to get rid of an unwanted tattoo, but it’ll make it harder to remove completely. This is due to the fact that it’s most likely larger and darker.

How Big Is It?

It’s common for laser professionals to charge by the square inch. Of course, various factors such as where you live and the background of the technician determine the rate. The cost per square inch can range from $49 to $300+.

The Equipment

Switched lasers are commonly used to remove tattoos, but the most efficient and recent laser uses PicoSure technology. Using this laser removes tattoos more effectively with less side effects, but they are more costly.

Go through this list and determine where you fall in each category to determine how many sessions you will need and ultimately what the cost may be. Once you are ready to invest tattoo removal be fully prepared with questions to find the best technician or doctor.


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