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6 Questions To Answer Before Getting A Tattoo

Tattoo QuestionsSo, you considering getting a tattoo? Perhaps a unicorn for your back or a little kitty for your ankle, or just maybe you’ve decided to turn your entire body into a canvas. Whatever your artistic passion is, there are seven questions to consider before getting a tattoo. There are the natural questions one must ask themselves such as, what to do when that little kitty looks like a glob with ears when you are seventy but there are seven important questions concerning the negative effects of tattoos, beyond the zoo on your body changing shape

Question 1: Can I Get Sick From The Needles Or Ink?

Tattoos are a great form of self-expression but like anything in life, it doesn't come without some risk. Most states regulate tattoo parlors closely but there is the off chance the needles can come in contact with a non-sterile surface or become contaminated in some way. The same applies to ink. 

Question 2: Doesn't The FDA Help Protect Me From Bad Inks?

While the FDA does test inks, it is quite possible to contaminate inks in the manufacturing process even if they are eventually sealed for use on the body. Also, not all inks are tested or approved and in some cases, everything from printer toner to car paint has been found in inks.

Should I Get A TattooQuestion 3: Maybe I Should Get A DIY Kit?

Would you buy a DIY amputation kit? No, of course not and the same goes with a DIY tattoo kit. These products are not licensed and you have no control over what is in them. Might as well buy a DIY rash kit and save the money and go straight to the result.

Question 4: How Sick Can I Get?

Well, it is very rare you could die. However, most of the time you can develop an allergic reaction or infection. Most often people develop infections because the ink is injected into the skin and some don't take proper care of the tattoo.

Question 5: What Should I Do If I Get A Reaction?

The first and best response is to see a doctor. Afterward, report the situation to the tattoo artist and then finally to the FDA.

Question 6: Can Problems Still Occur Later On?

Even if you don't have an immediate reaction, you can still develop scarring later on down the line. Depending on exactly where the tattoo is, this can be a problem. Of course, there is also the consideration if you need to have the tattoo removed and any complications there.

Whether it is your first time or last time, always take into consideration the ramifications of what you are doing. Consider the risk factors, research the subject and ask around. It is better to be informed and then make a decision instead of just jumping in with both feet.

The negative effects of tattoos can have far-reaching consequences. Learn all the negative effects of tattoos beforehand.

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