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6 Myths About Tattoo Removal Debunked

laser tattoo removalTattoo removal has come a long way, but there are some old misconceptions that are still prevalent. You may be believing a fictitious fact about tattoo removal.

Here are the 6 common myths we’re going to debunk:

Myth #1- Scarring Is Normal With Laser Tattoo Removal

When tattoo removal began there was some scarring, but lasers use a completely different approach that won’t leave a scar. They target the secondary layer of skin and break up the ink particles to be disposed of by the body naturally.

Myth #2- Creams Can Remove My Tattoo

Tattoo removal creams
simply do not work. They can’t get to your second layer of skin where the tattoo ink is. They may fade a tattoo, but that’s about it. Even if it could it would be eating away at the first layer of your skin, ouch! Don’t put yourself through that unnecessary pain.

Myth #3- Dark Inks Like Black Are Harder To Remove

Complete myth! Here’s why, black ink has the least additives. Additional ingredients are added to ink to get color variations. It is difficult to remove these inks because the FDA doesn’t regulate them, so it’s hard for lasers to remove unknown additives.

tattoo removalAdditionally, wavelengths usually absorb black ink, which makes it the easiest ink to remove. Other ink colors may take a couple additional sessions to remove.

Myth #4- The Older the Tattoo the Harder to Remove

If a tattoo has aged it’s actually easier to remove. New tattoos need time to settle and let the skin heal.

Myth #5- Tattoo Doesn’t Work On Dark or Black Skin

Tattoo lasers leave little to no damage to the skin, so olive or dark skin will not be negatively affected.

Myth #6- Laser Removal Is Not Safe

Quite the contrary, lasers are regulated by the FDA unlike the ink you got a tattoo with. Many people use lasers to remove tattoos. Take some time to research the professional you are going to for tattoo removal services. Look up Yelp reviews, BBB ratings, and the experience level of the technician or doctor. Some states don’t require a doctor to perform the treatment, but as long as they’re trained you will get great results. Don't regret your tattoo any longer, get a laser treatment to remove it.

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