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10 Questions to Ask Before Tattoo Removal

laser tattoo removalDon’t show up at your tattoo removal appointment empty handed. Bring along a set of questions you can ask your doctor to cover all of your concerns. The following questions might even bring up questions you didn’t know you should ask.

So here are the questions to start with:

How long will it take to remove my tattoo completely? Will it take multiple treatments?

A standard tattoo removal may take 8-12 treatments. Keep in mind complete removal depends on your skin color, tattoo age, location of tattoo, size, and colors. So consult with your    doctor to see if tattoo has elements that can or cannot be removed.

There is a greater chance of it being removed if it is small, black, and in a high fat area like the legs or arms.

Will the tattoo removal process hurt?

There is a grey area in the answer to this question because we all have different pain tolerances.  If getting your tattoo was painful than chances are the removal process will hurt as well. Ask your doctor if there are numbing options available during your treatment.

How much will the laser treatment cost?

Removal treatments can vary from $99 to $1000. The components that come into play with price depends on your tattoo’s size and how many sessions it requires.

Are there are special promotions or package plans available?

If you don’t ask then you’ll never know. So just ask, it could end up saving you some money.

Quick tip: Check Yelp or Groupon for deals.

Will this clinic be able to treat colors in my tattoo?

If you have white, yellow, or greens this question should be at the top of your list. Your doctor will need lasers that have varying wavelengths to remove all of the colors of your tattoo.
tattoo removal treatment

What are the risks of permanent pigment change to my skin?

Especially if you have darker skin there is a rick for hypo-pigmentation. Know all the risks before getting your tattoo.

What are your credentials and experience?

Don’t trust someone with your tattoo removal who doesn’t have the credentials or experience to do the job. This is a job made for a certified laser specialist preferably with dermatology expertise.

Are there patient testimonials you can look at?

Get first hand knowledge of how your doctor’s work turns out. Try to find previous patients who had similar tattoos and skin color as you.

What is the aftercare treatment?

In order to avoid skin complications or scarring know the best practices of caring for your skin after tattoo removal.

Will this be covered by my insurance?

Because ink removal is considered “cosmetic” medical treatment it’s often not covered by insurance. Make sure you check before you are expecting to have an expensive treatment
covered by your insurance.


Take these questions with you to your tattoo removal appointment. This is just the starting point, add more to get the most information about the treatment. 

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